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Scarborough Chiropractor, Dr. Olivier  Abtan, Welcomes You

“Being a chiropractor is one of the best jobs in Scarborough. But I was surprised to become a chiropractor…

“I was struck by a truck running a red light through the intersection. My leg and foot were crushed and I suffered numerous other injuries to my hip, spine and neck. After many doctors and specialists later and many long days in waiting rooms, I was still left with chronic back, knee and leg pain. Then my fiance’ suggested I see a chiropractor. I must admit I was a skeptic at first. But my results, like hers, were incredible.

I’ll never forget that first adjustment. It was as if a huge release of pain was suddenly lifted off my back. That’s when I changed my course, at school and in life, and decided to become a Scarborough chiropractor.”

Natural Care to Help You Get Well

Helping health-conscious Scarborough-area patients with today’s safe and natural chiropractic care is not only emotionally fulfilling, but also humbling. Seeing folks get better, each visit building on the one before is immensely gratifying! As a chiropractor, I get to witness miracles every day. Will yours be our next?

Find out! Contact our Scarborough chiropractic office to arrange a consultation so we can explain how chiropractors produce results the natural way without drugs or surgery.

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